SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System



Whitening your pearly smile without the use of expensive dental treatments is not as challenging today as it was in the past, as effective bleach-bright VIP results are now available to be applied in the comfort of your own intimacy. Whiter, more glowing dentition is the logical choice after making sure the rest of your oral health is at optimal levels, as advised by your dental care provider.


If you always wanted beautiful, perfectly white teeth, you know that daily eating and drinking habits can, in time, lead to yellow, shine-less teeth and a cumbrous smile that might affect both your self-confidence, healthy social interactions and overall wellbeing.

The staining that results from drinking coffee, tea or soda does no longer have to be an embarrassment. As the natural tooth color can also be affected by many other factors such as age, diet, smoking, wine, pigmented foods, plaque and tartar deposits, fluoride, antibiotics, teeth trauma, chronic disease and genetics, SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit offers a innovative solution for people aiming to gain back their airy, optimistic, non-conformist smile.

But how exactly do we get yellow teeth?

Stains and unaesthetic colorations are very common, if we look at the numerous visits one must pay to its doctor to address this unpleasant situation.

As tooth enamel is naturally punched with microscopic ridges that can hold dark-colored pigments from food and drinks, teeth can begin to change to different shades of yellow with the passing of time.

Pigmented drinks such as coffee, tea and soda are proven to be particularly responsible for the dark color out teeth acquire over time. If not properly addressed, this problem can cause embarrassment and isolation, due to the limitations the lack of a beautiful smile imply.

The most common teeth stains are due to the following factors:

COFFEE: tooth enamel is constantly racked by caffeine and rough particles of coffee. Slowly, with repeated aggression, the pigments from the coffee penetrate into the surface of the tooth enamel and lead to discoloring and stains.

TEA: rich in a pigment substance called tannin, tea is even more invasive than coffee when it comes to teeth staining. Proper oral hygiene is mandatory if you are a tea lover and want to have white teeth at the same time.

SMOKING: the yellow stains on the teeth of a smoker are due to nicotine and tar in cigarettes. Smoking is particularly harmful for gums too, as it can easily cause gum inflammation, gum retraction and periodontitis in a very short period of time.

RED WINE: as it loves sticking onto plaque and it contains a lot of phenolic pigments, such as anthocyanins, tannins and so on, carefully cleaning your teeth after drinking red wine if you don’t want the entire situation to transform into a rather embarrassing one.

SODA: the sugars and acids in these kinds of drinks will make the enamel on the teeth get thinner; not to talk about the pigments that will have the same effect on your teeth as tea or coffee excessive consumption.

ALCOHOL: beer, liquors, scotch, cocktails – they all contribute to enamel damage, tooth decay and periodontal disease. Moreover, alcohol slows down the production of saliva, that protects and limits teeth from external aggressions.

DENTAL PLAQUE: lack of proper oral hygiene, genetics, the types of foods and substances you ingest – all of these can sit on your teeth, leading to the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar that can both cause unpleasant teeth staining.

To as much as possible avoid the damage on the teeth, brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth on a regular basis is the best first thing you can choose to do. The other is SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit!

SoleilGLO Teeth Whitening System – Real visible whitening results after just 14 days of use

Highly recommended by dentists and the number one choice of satisfied patients, SoleilGLO offers whiter results in only 14 days of use, in the intimate comfort of your own home. Within minutes of regular use each day, your teeth will become whiter and shinier, as your confidence levels will go sky-high.

The SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System delivers astonishing whitening results, without the long hours of visits and exorbitant costs of the whitening procedures at your dentist’s practice.
The SoleilGLO Teeth Whitening Kit brightens your teeth up to 7 shades lighter, by using the following simple and effective tools:

  • Extreme whitening easy-to-use gel
  • Tray applications
  • UV light accelerator
  • The comfort of your own home

Satisfied customers worldwide have already successfully enjoyed the SoleilGLO Teeth Whitening experience!

Dentists recommend SoleilGLO Advanced Whitening Kit – up to 7 shades of brighter teeth in only one kit!

Besides whitening your teeth, SoleilGLO helps prevent tooth decay, remove tartar build-ups and attain the healthy pearly-white smile you get your compliments about.

SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System contains the most advanced teeth whitening system available on the market, ready for you to buy and test in the intimacy of your own bathroom:

  • Teeth Tray – innovative soft and flexible silicone duplex trays that fit your own physiognomy and are easy to use. Simply add the gel to the tray and apply.
  • Extreme Whitening Gel – one of the most powerful teeth whitening gel available, Extreme Whitening Gel record time perfect results. Brighter, whiter teeth after just a few applications!
  • UV Accelerator – the incorporated light technologies activate the Extreme Whitening Gel and makes it penetrate the tooth enamel for deeper, faster and longer-lasting final results.

Why whitening your teeth?

Modern society requires several oral hygiene standards that leads people to take better care of their teeth, for both health and cosmetic related purposes. Whitening procedures are among these standards. The multiple benefits of whitening your teeth are detailed below:

  • Great smiles are powerful confidence and self-esteem boosters
  • A beautiful smile makes a good first impression on almost anybody
  • Smiling without concerns make you look younger
  • White teeth are a trade-mark for people who take care of both their image and overall oral health
  • People with beautiful smiles are seen as more reliable by others
  • Smiling is contagious
Before deciding to apply any kind of whitening procedure by yourself, please ask for your dental practitioner’s advice to evaluate your individual conditions, oral and general health state and the whitening method that suits you best.

To sum up the advantages of using the state-of-the-art SoleilGLO Teeth Whitening Kit, here are the main immediate and long-term benefits of this amazing oral hygiene product:

  • Less expensive than your dentist
  • Comprehensive and easy to apply kit
  • DIY method, for perfectly polished, clean teeth
  • Bright, pearly-white dentition in the comfort of your own home

Regain your bright smile and happy mood in just 14 days with SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System! Discover the current online product offers and indulge yourself with the best DIY Teeth Whitening Kit available on the market.