Benefits of walking outdoors

Few tens of minutes a day spent in nature invigorates, increases energy levels, and resistance to disease

In addition to a balanced lifestyle including healthy eating, moderate physical activity and avoiding health-damaging factors (such as tobacco, alcohol, sugar, salt, fat, processed foods), outdoor walks are an easy and therapeutic alternative, accessible and suitable for all people who want to maintain their health at an optimal level. Clean air and tranquility in the heart of nature can be true sources of relaxation.

The beneficial health consequences of regular walks in a natural environment have been studied over time by many scientists. The conclusions showed that regular walks in the natural environment brings many benefits to our overall health, such as stimulating fat burning, blood circulation, concentration, while having a relaxing and calming effect on the central nervous system.

20 minutes a day spent in nature increase the level of vitality and energy, as close and repeated connection with the natural environment is vital for the human body, especially for those who spend most of their time in closed spaces.

Moreover, daily walks in nature stimulate the optimal functioning of the locomotor system and relieve respiratory problems.

Recommended in both warm and cold seasons, spending time in nature also has positive effects for people suffering from various forms of depression and anxiety, while improving their cognitive abilities, as nature is said to be the best antidepressant because its therapy effect is devoid of adverse effects and is indicated for all ages.

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