Useful Articles

How to Make Your Own Soap

Making your own soap at home can be fun and a very pleasant activity to do with friends or your family. Even though there are plenty of soap options on the market, they all contain chemicals that might even hurt your body. So, if you have a little time to spare and don’t want any […]

Benefits of Onions: Why You Should Consume Them

Onions are definitely on top of the list when it comes to powerful benefits. This root vegetable has an impressive amount of benefits. Even better, we always have a few around the house, which makes them an ideal home remedy, especially during the flu season. Both onions and garlic are part of the allium family […]

Benefits of walking outdoors

Few tens of minutes a day spent in nature invigorates, increases energy levels, and resistance to disease In addition to a balanced lifestyle including healthy eating, moderate physical activity and avoiding health-damaging factors (such as tobacco, alcohol, sugar, salt, fat, processed foods), outdoor walks are an easy and therapeutic alternative, accessible and suitable for all […]

Children and the importance of sports

Participating in various forms of physical activity is highly beneficial for children because it provides them with the necessary social abilities throughout their lives Since the accelerated development of technology, children began to prefer computer games and virtual sports in the detriment of the real world’s healthy habits. If considering that regular practice of sports […]

For a healthy life, choose a healthy diet!

Our daily culinary habits directly impact our overall health, well-being, beauty and longevity As no food can sustain all the needs of the human body by itself, healthy eating translates into diversity and balance. Moderation is another key aspect when aiming to maintain a healthy weight and avoid metabolic distress. So, which foods do we […]

Honey – “the liquid gold” with miraculous healing properties

Known and used since Ancient Egypt, honey is a highly nutritive food, with numberless medical properties Honey is a 2000 years old remedy, used for a multitude of medical-related purposes, since modern medicine can often be invasive and able to trigger serious adverse reactions. Considered to be a super-food, with antibacterial and fungicidal properties, this […]