Children and the importance of sports

Participating in various forms of physical activity is highly beneficial for children because it provides them with the necessary social abilities throughout their lives

Since the accelerated development of technology, children began to prefer computer games and virtual sports in the detriment of the real world’s healthy habits.

If considering that regular practice of sports in children is an increasingly rare activity, it is necessary for parents to show responsibility and to encourage their youngsters to move as much and as early as possible.

The first step in this direction is to identify a suitable physical activity, in accordance with the age, desires and abilities of the child, in order to maximize the effects sports can have on the development and health of the child. Choosing the wrong sports can have the exact opposite results.

Unlike spontaneous play activities, organized sports offer security, as well as the ability to learn rules and to be disciplined.

In addition to these benefits, the regular practice of a sport also translates into lowering the risk of serious chronic illness, and also into increasing the level of independence and social skills.

Other advantages:

• learning the concepts of “teamwork”, perseverance, ambition, competitiveness
• assimilation of rules and the development of the ability to have patience
• increase of the level of adaptation, responsibility and respect for others
• developing the ability to handle unpredictable situations
• improving the relationship with adults by making the children more involved and attentive
• children can make many new friends, of the same age, with common passions and interests, which is extremely important for further development

In addition, children who practice regular physical activities will benefit from positive emotional effects and increase their self-confidence, when compared to those who lead a sedentary life.

In conclusion, it is generally accepted that those children playing different sports will be more ambitious, healthier, and become happier and more successful when adults.

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