For a healthy life, choose a healthy diet!

Our daily culinary habits directly impact our overall health, well-being, beauty and longevity

As no food can sustain all the needs of the human body by itself, healthy eating translates into diversity and balance. Moderation is another key aspect when aiming to maintain a healthy weight and avoid metabolic distress.

So, which foods do we choose?

Local fresh foods, as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables are among the most nutritious foods you can choose. For best of results, choose your shopping habits, buy more from local producers and less from supermarkets, learn the basic rules of a healthy diet and stick with them.

As dietitians recommend, daily intake of 400 grams/adult of fresh fruits and vegetables should be enough for covering the system’s necessities (approximatively 5 portions).

Dairy, eggs, fish, fresh low fat meat in small quantities should also not miss from a balanced diet, in order to provide the system with all the range of essential elements.

Don’t skip breakfast, as it is considered to be the most important meal of the day. People ignoring this advice are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease and obesity. So, eating breakfast regularly, if possible at scheduled hours, boosts health, maintains a healthy weight and increases mental features.

Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle – nutritional benefits

Besides eating a great meal can be a true pleasure, we must first think of the quality and nutritional density of the food we ingest. According to experts, in order to obtain the best of outcomes, avoid empty calories and focus on micro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and super-foods.

Do not neglect the importance of physical activities. Find time for 30 minutes of training each day. Activities such as stair climbing, jogging, long walks can be very important for the health of the joints, muscles and heart. If not forbidden by your physician, engage into more intense physical activities to always stay in shape and prevent chronic disease.

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