Get perfect teeth with SoleilGLO Whitening Kit

SoleilGLO – Discover the amazing benefits of the revolutionary 14-days teeth whitening treatment

When in search for the flawless, pearly white smile that surprises everyone, patients should know that expensive, painful in-office treatments are not the only alternatives for a brighter smile. If annoyed by yellow teeth, staining and discolorations and hiding your beautiful smile in every social situation you can think of, Soleil GLO Teeth Whitening System can be the answer that boosts your self-confidence.

As pigmented foods, poor oral hygiene and genetic predisposition are the most common reasons why teeth color changes over time, people might need regular teeth whitening procedures to maintain a comfortable level of their self-trust as well as an optimal level of their oral cavity health.

Soleil GLO – makes whiter teeth a priority

The “no effort”, non-invasive dental kit is now available on-line, for patients to attain up to 7 shades brighter smiles. Less costly than in-office dental procedures and extremely easy to apply, SoleilGLO home-based teeth whitening kit changes the way you brighten your teeth for the best.

With visible, long-lasting results, the innovative SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System raises both cosmetic and health-related standards by promoting a natural, peroxides-free formula suitable for the most sensitive of teeth and gums. Not to mention the lower costs of the product, when compared to the outrageous prices of the in-office treatments.

SoleilGLO – for proper oral care that lasts

SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening kit supports great oral health levels and uplifts morale after only 14 days of use. With results that last up to 2 years after the treatment, SoleilGLO Teeth Whitening System can be used by anyone in need for a dental bleaching, with no concerns over harmful side-effects, like an increase in dental or gum sensitivity and enamel erosions.

Recommended by dentists and VIPs, SoleilGLO can be used for only a few minutes a day for perfect results. Once you get used with the 20 minutes a day Soleil GLO routine, you will be on the right track to attain the uncensored, glowing smile of celebrities.

What’s inside Soleil GLO Teeth Whitening Kit?

  • 3 Extreme Whitening Professional Gel tubes
  • 1 anatomical Soft Silicone Mouth Tray Applicator
  • 1 UV Light Accelerator
To update your smile and boost your confidence today rush your SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System order and get all the benefits of the most popular DIY bleaching treatment in only 14 days!


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