Honey – “the liquid gold” with miraculous healing properties

Known and used since Ancient Egypt, honey is a highly nutritive food, with numberless medical properties

Honey is a 2000 years old remedy, used for a multitude of medical-related purposes, since modern medicine can often be invasive and able to trigger serious adverse reactions.

Considered to be a super-food, with antibacterial and fungicidal properties, this natural sweetener has beneficial effects over all the systems of the human body.

Honey does not contain fats, sodium or cholesterol and is loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential amino-acids. One spoon of honey contains 64 calories.

Besides the unique and delicious flavor, honey offers countless benefits for the overall health:

– honey has a strong inflammatory effect reducing the cold and allergy symptoms. It is considered to be a “natural vaccine” that can regulate the inflammatory response of the organism by decreasing the histamine levels. If sneezing excessively during the allergies’ season, honey can help you control the factors that trigger unpleasant symptoms.
– for as little as 18 grams of carbohydrates per spoon, honey can offer you a considerable amount of energy for daily activities. Natural fructose and glucose inside provide extra-energy that can prove to be very useful during trainings or exhausting situations.
– if affected by cold, cough and a sore throat, honey can be the ideal remedy, thanks to its benefits connected to the respiratory tract’s health.
– our brain can also benefit a few spoons of honey, as scientists have noticed that a diet rich in honey can improve memory and cognition. High antioxidants levels have been identified to prevent nervous cells from damage, this way decreasing the risk of dementia.
– if suffering from insomnia, serotonin and tryptophan are two natural substances regulating sleep and increasing the overall sensation of comfort
– honey can also be used for superficial wounds and burns, because it has natural antibiotic effects, both internal and external. Either used topically or internally, honey can have spectacular effects.
– beauty and cosmetics are other two reasons for you to et honey, as it helps fighting dandruff, hair-loss, dermatitis, while boosting the natural beauty of the skin.

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