SoleilGLO Teeth Whitening System – big smiles and great looks

SoleilGLO Teeth Whitening System – big smiles and great looks

SoleilGLO, the teeth whitening innovation, is now available for purchase for everyone aiming to perfect their smiles and dental health altogether

Spotless teeth are now more than available. With the on-line SoleilGLO offers, anyone can have perfect dentition in the comfort of their own home. No worries about discolorations caused by pigmented foods, no more yellow teeth embarrassments!

A wider and whiter smile is now possible by using the comprehensive and effective SoleilGLO Teeth Whitening Kit. Why is this method innovative? Because it is not invasive, it it clinically proven and can be used in the comfort of your own intimacy.

Save money from in-office expensive procedures with the latest Soleil GLO!

Perfectly suitable for anyone targeting a whiter smile, SoleilGLO uses a peroxide-free formulation and a comprehensive DIY kit in order to make VIP smiles a reality.

Easy to apply and designed to meet any oral anatomy, SoleilGLO Teeth Whitening Kit addresses superior cosmetic and oral hygiene standards, in order for patients to achieve perfectly white teeth with no effort, costly dental appointments or unpleasant side-effects.

Fit for the most sensitive of teeth and gums, with no artificial harmful ingredients, SoleilGLO kit contains 3 Extreme Whitening Professional Gel tubes, 1 anatomical Soft Silicone Mouth Tray Applicator, 1 UV Light Accelerator and a travel bag for safer and more hygienic transport of your whiteners.

The easy 1,2,3 steps system that allows you to take care of your dentition in only 20 minutes a day guarantees safe and effective results, without concerns over irritations, demineralizations or complications of any kind. Simply apply the gel on the mouth trays and activate the ingredients by using the UV light accelerator. Do this twice a day and in only 14 days everyone around you will be amazed!
Flawless teeth, with no side-effects

Soleil GLO offers an advanced solution to teeth whitening, with no side-effects caused by enamel corrosion, cracked enamel ridges, or irritated gums. Perfect no-staining results are now accessible with the new DIY Soleil GLO whitening kit delivering big smiles and happy patients.

SoleilGLO – a boost of self-confidence and better oral health levels in only 14 days

Let the magic happen and notice the exclusive benefits:

  • up to 7 shades brighter teeth
  • higher self-confidence and more happy smiles
  • free of harmful side-effects, safe teeth whitening method
  • lower costs
  • intuitive, high quality kit

Thanks to hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers, SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth has rapidly become one of the most populat DIY teeth whitening solutions on the market. Rush you order now and join the big smiles community of dentists, VIPs and TV personalities.

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