SoleilGLO – the ideal DIY procedure for a flawless smile

If in search for the best whitening solution on the market, Soleil GLO Teeth Whitening system is now available for on-line purchase

Best oral health care enthusiasts worldwide can now care for their dentition in the comfort of their own home with the latest DIY teeth whitening solution by Soleil GLO Advanced System.

With no harmful side-effects on the enamel, gums or teeth structure, Soleil GLO is the ideal home-based alternative for empowering patients attain the perfect pearly white celebrity smile.

By summing up all the benefits of a professional bleach with no discomfort, pain or exorbitant price of the traditional in-office treatments, Soleil GLO Advanced Teeth Whitening offers a comprehensive kit formulated with all-natural, peroxide-free gentle ingredients.

SoleilGLO – addressing the ultimate health and beauty standards

The innovative Soleil GLO contains 3 ready-to-use quality tools promoting a comprehensive 3 steps bleaching technique delivering visible 7 shades whiter results in only 14 days of treatment.

Within 20 minutes of daily use Soleil GLO will help you reinvent your smiling habits. With an effect that lasts up to 2 years.

Inside the SoleilGLo box you will find:

  • 1 Mouth Tray Applicator
  • 3 Extreme Whitening Gel Tubes
  • 1 UV Light Accelerator

How to apply the whitening system?

Step 1 – apply a small amount of whitening gel on the silicone mouth tray
Step 2 – place the applicator inside your oral cavity
Step 3 – activate the UV light accelerator

Repeat two times a day.

Constantly gaining popularity SoleilGLO Advanced Teeth Whitening System is the kit that will significantly improve your health and aspect of your dentition. Claim your package today and empower your smile!

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